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Pedicure Care

Basic Pedicure $25.00

Soaking the foot, cuticle trimming massage & polish.

Men’s Active  $35.00

Basic Pedicure with any choice…….and hot towel.

Callus Treatment     $35.00

Basic pedicure, callus treatment …… and hot towel.

Paraffin Pedicure $35.00

Basic pedicure, paraffin dip, massage….. sea salt, hot towel, and polish.

Fresh Orange Pedicure $35.00

Basic pedicure, exfoliation with fresh orange, and callus treatment.

Runner’s Pedicure $37.00

Basic pedicure, callus removal, any choice of sugar scrub & polish.

Cherry Bing $38.00

Basic pedicure, cherry bing scrub, menthol mud mask, massage & hot towel.

Milk & Honey $38.00

Basic pedicure, sugar scrub, extended massage with butter & hot towel.

Paraffin & Hot Stone $50.00

Basic pedicure, any , hot choice of sugar scrub, hot stone massage  & paraffin dip.

Deluxe Pedicure $55.00

Basic pedicure fest orange, callus treatment, choice of any sugar scrub, massage with cream butter, paraffin dip & hot towel.

The Kid Pedicure $20.00