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Natural Nail Care


Basic Manicure      $13.00

Hand Soak, cuticle and nails shaping, massage with lotion, polish of choice.

Gentlemen Manicure    $17.00

Basic manicure, clean cuticles, massage, hot towel and buff shine.

Men’s Active     $23.00

Basic manicure with sugar scub, hot towel, and buff shine.

Cherry Bing    $25.00

Basic manicure, cherry bing  scrub, paraffin dip, and hot towel.

Milk and Honey      $25.00

Basic manicure with sugar scrub, extended massage with hydrating Cream butter, and hot towel.

Mandarin Honey $30.00

Basic manicure, mandarin and honey exfoliate, hydrating butter  massage, hot towel, and paraffin dip.

The Kid Manicure (10 & under)  $10.00